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Monday, August 26, 2019

A New Dawn v1.8.1(Update)

A New Dawn v1.8.1 free download

The game follows the daughter of a young virgin, a powerful duke. The land gets attacked and the family gets scattered. Your job is to find a way to reunite with your family.

+ Fixed can not fetch ale and pie for Juliette after receiving her order
+ Fixed not your shift at the pub because innkeeper was counted when not present
+ Fixed Sophie rescue mission could not be done
+ Fixed two old man characters appearing on the first day.
+ Fixed if Victoria did not wash Henry she could not peek him anymore
+ Fixed if Victoria was addicted to cum when peeking on Henry she can not peek him again again.

Developer: Whiteraven 
Censorship: None
Platform: Win, Mac + android

Language: English

Version 1.6.0
+ Orifice of the anal glory orc city
+ Orifice of the anal glory orc city
+ orc vaginal glory orc city scene
+ orc vaginal glory orc city scene
+ bj glory hole scene orc city
+ bj glory hole scene orc city
+ A scene with Bogwart, Sarah and Sophia.
Shorter scenes
+ A new shorter scene (Victoria and Succubus)
+ A new shorter scene (Victoria and Angel)
+ A new shorter scene (Victoria, Sarah and goblins)
+ A new dance scene (bimbo bunny dancing)
+ A new scene of a wench (Bimbo girl)
+ A new scene of a wench (Normal victory)
+ A new scene of a wench (Normal victory)
+ Curing the dream of cum addiction
+ Curing the dream of cum addiction
+ Curing the dream of cum addiction
+ Curing the dream of cum addiction
+ Added 43 new animations (Total: 418)
+ 87 new CG's (Around 1305 in the game)
+ Two animations of 2 paintings with the innkeeper and Lucy were changed to animations of 32 paintings.
+ I switched the animations of 2 frames with Blake and Lucy to a 32 frame animation.
+ Added a new main mission (The book of light, search with objectives)
+ Added a new main mission (A window to your soul, search with objectives)
+ Added a new main mission (Own, body and soul? Search with objectives)
+ A new final evil (game of succubi)
+ Victoria can now mix with Sarah's drink at the tavern.
+ A new event with Sarah.
+ Added a new dialogue between Victoria and the children of the old woman (points of kindness)
+ Added a new 5-day event with Juliette (Curing cum addiction)
+ A new camping location.
+ A new church outside location
+ A new church location.
Error correction
+ Some typographical and grammatical errors have been solved.
+ Fixed not being able to load old saves

Bugfix 1.6.3
+ Fixed Victoria disappears after skipping dance events.
+ You cannot work solved after you have brought Sarah to Bogwart so the game could not continue.
+ Sometimes corrected when you talked to Juliette, treatment with cum addiction did not start.
+ Fixed Sophia is captured but appears in the pub when you return from the search before you talk to Sarah.
+ Fixed Priapra says Victoria lied to her about her virginity and later Victoria says she has lost her virginity to Priapra.
+ Fixed after leading Sarah to Bogwart Victoria couldn't get more cum from him.
+ Quite added butt-hurt event after the futa-orc scene (Bogwarts cave), glory hole scene in orc city, gang scenes in orc camp, street prostitution and Bogwart anal sex.
+ Added a way to cheat on the human city.
+ Repaired after the old man did a butt, Victoria still did it, she was still walking slowly.

+ Removed the option to start over the second mission (the ugly lever in the city).
+ Removed the corruption condition before you could join Sarah's team and start the missions.
+ Changed at the team, now you don't have to wait a day longer to take the test.
+ Changed first mission, requires only two days instead of three to complete.

+ Changed the requirement to get the new damn outfit, (seems to be excluded if your reputation has changed.)


To be added

Skull Code: 20005981


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