Long Live the Princess v0.25(Update)

Long Live the Princess v0.25 Free Download

The king is dead His daughter, Princess Selena, is ready to take the crown. But something is wrong then The murders, backstabing, and extinction scenes threaten to ruin everyone who is good. And in his heart is the story of all personal tragedies and lost love.

You are a truthful. You have the ability to tell that someone is lying. When he comes to his hometown for his coronation, then with his mentor, it is to protect the princess. But a secret Old Krone and his Foul-mouth Pixie Assistant have a different plan for you.

With a new learned ability to uncover the mysteries and use them for your benefit, you are tasked with the protection of Princess Selena in close proximity to the darkness. But to achieve this, you should practice closer to the women of the city. Real closer

And as soon as you move towards your destiny, someone is watching you closely ...
Developer / Publisher: Belle
Censorship: None
Version: v0.25


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