Goblin Lord [v0.5 Fixed]

Goblin Lord [v0.5 Fixed] 

Located in a world of magic and cavalry, it is a story about you (an elf) taken from your nest and used in an experiment by humans. As fate would have it, you escape. Since the elves are spiteful, you plan your revenge on those who participated in your torture. Using your new skills to increase your power and become a Lord of the Goblins!
(or if you only like girls that gobble you up, that's fine too!)

Updated thread: 2019-12-08
Release Date: 2019-11-30
Developer: KainHauld
Censored: no
Version: 0.5 fixed
OS: Windows, Linux, Android
English language

v0.5 fixed
- Fixed bug where Naru is in Ruined Keep's dungeon even before fighting her.
- Fixed the scene of the hatchery of Naru

- It was corrected that Ryuna jump to the birth scene when they send her to the reproduction room for the second time


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